BMW Styling Minus the German Price Tag

Chang Jiang 750 M1 Super. For those of you not familiar with these bikes, they have to be imported from China and are exact replicas of a 1938 BMW R71. They are even made in an ex-BMW plant taken over in WWII. 

This model is considered the highest performance and most "luxurious" model from Chang Jiang. It is equipped with an air-cooled 746cc Boxer engine, 12V electrical system and electric starter. It also comes with a brand new side car (black) and tool set. This a great opportunity to own a Chang Jiang that is already imported, assembled and running well.  

1 owner, imported and assembled the bike around six years ago. Less less than 100 mile on it. Turn7 has another one with a side car that is used as a pit bike, and a third one that is not yet built. It looks beautiful in person and runs great. Ideal for short distances and in-town cruising. Highway driving would not be recommended on this. However, they are surprisingly good off road with the side car and a ton of fun. 

Modifications include a chrome HD kickstand and a longer hand shifter/gear selector.

Spec Sheet

Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 2400x1580x100

Dry weight with sidecar 770 lbs

Max. load with sidecar 3 persons + 220lbs

Engine 4 stroke, twin cylinder, air cooled.

Capacity (cc)746

Max Power 32h.p./4700-5300r/min

Max Speed 55-60mph

Electrical system 12 volt

Starter kick and electric

Clutch dry double disk

Drive shaft with u/v joint

Transmission 4 forward gears 1 reverse

$5,500 OBO